ESA Science Operations Scientist

Ariel Science Operations and Archive Scientist
The Ariel mission will study chemical composition for 1000 exoplanet atmospheres via the transit method, with launch aimed for 2029.
Extragalactic Astronomer
- Multi-wavelegnth analysis of formation and evolution of galaxies in dense cluster environments
- Characterisation of high-redshift galaxies via gravitational lensing, particularly in the far-infrared and submillimeter lensing
Formerly JWST NIRSpec Instrument Scientist
Pre- and post-launch commissioning of the European-contributed spectrographic workhouse of JWST, in particular the amazing Mircoshutter Array which allows 100s of targets to be observed simultaneously.

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Recent Publications

Overview of the JWST Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey (JADES)
Eisenstein et al. 2023, submitted, arXiv:2306.02465 | NASA ADS
Overview of the JWST Advanced Deep Extragalactic Survey (JADES)
Wistok et al. 2023, Nature, 621, 267 | NASA ADS
In-flight performance of the NIRSpec micro shutter array"
Rawle et al. 2022, Proc SPIE, Vol 12180, id. 121803R 15 pp. | NASA ADS

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Mini Bio

2022-ESA Ariel Science Operations and Archive Scientistat ESAC
2015-2023ESA JWST NIRSpec Instrument Scientist at STScI
2012-2015ESA Research Fellow at ESAC
2009-2012Postdoctoral research associate with Eiichi Egami at Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
2006-2009STFC PhD student at Durham University, supervised by John Lucey and Russell J. Smith

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