NIRSpec Instrument & Calibration Scientist

ESA JWST Instrument & Calibration Scientist, working on the NIRSpec Microshutter Assembly, which will enable the collection of >100 faint object spectra simultaneously.
Extragalactic Astronomer with scientific intersts including:
  • Formation and evolution of galaxies in clusters
  • High-redshift galaxies via gravitational (cluster) lensing
Paricularly focusing on dusty star formation probed by ESA's Herschel Space Observatory, and multi-wavelength continuum analysis.

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Recent Publications

The JWST Extragalactic Mock Catalog: Modeling galaxy populations from the UV through the near-IR over thirteen billion years of cosmic history
Williams et al. 2018, ApJS, 236, 33 | NASA ADS
SHARDS Frontier Fields: Physical properties of a low mass Lyman-alpha emitter at z=5.75
Hernán-Caballero et al. 2017, ApJ, 849, 82 | NASA ADS
A complete census of Herschel-detected infrared sources within the HST Frontier Fields
Rawle et al. 2016, MNRAS, 459, 1626 | NASA ADS

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Mini Bio

2015-ESA JWST NIRSpec Instrument Scientist at STScI
2012-2015ESA Research Fellow at ESAC
2009-2012Postdoctoral research associate with Eiichi Egami at Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
2006-2009STFC PhD student at Durham University, supervised by John Lucey and Russell J. Smith

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